Matt Roe

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What Is My Work About?

Itís 37 years later and Iím still upside down in a connected world that moves in the blink of an eye. The twists and turns of fate and destiny, patina our armor which molds us into the form that we become. An aging process as the chemical reaction is to copper so is experience to our existence. Each experience changes us inadvertently and therefore molding, shaping and flowing across the planet of existence.

My new body of work utilizes different chemical processes to change the physical appearance of various metallic objects. As with a life experience that shapes and molds us so does the chemical reaction to the copper. The color and texture is created through a controlled process much like life, but has variations according to its environment. No exact outcome can be predicted and the flow of life is patterned according to the crevices and shifts... much like a river carving its way through the crust of the earth. No experience will ever be the same and no piece can ever be duplicated much like a life experience.


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